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Q: Does one need to make an effort to see thought, or will seeing thought occur naturally and spontaneously after one observes bodily movement for a sufficient amount of time? In other words, should one remain aware of bodily movement only, or does one need to shift awareness to thought in order to see thought?



Dear John,

In your practice, your duty is to be aware of your body movement. When you move, there is a "knowing element" in you that knows you are moving. In the practice, we move one body part at a time, so you can be aware of only that one movement. The longer you are aware of body movement, the more you will be aware of your thoughts. You will naturally begin to "see" your thoughts. When thougths come up, stay aware of body movement so you don't follow thoughts and lose awareness. But practice naturally, in a relaxed way, without tension, without concentrating or forcing attention, even playfully. Whenever you realize you lost awareness, go back gently to being aware of your movement.

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Aidan.M said...
Luangpor: I find it difficult to distinguish between simply "seeing" a thought and actually thinking it. I find that I can do both at once. But I'm drawn more to the thinking than to the seeing. I truly want to develop an aversion to unwholesome thoughts or defilements, but I don't know how. Your help would be most appreciated. Respectfully,
October 9, 2009 06:06:28
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