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Q:  If we try to be aware of the bodily movements all the time, could one say that is attachment, which would contradict the principle of non-attachment or not clinging to anything?   And is this the first step of practicing?


LUANGPOR THONG:  To be aware of bodily movements is the only technique we use from beginning to end.  If we know our bodily movements we won’t be attached.  We were attached because we did not know the movement. The Buddha taught us to be with knowing, with sati (awareness), samadhi (attention) and panna (wisdom) so we won’t get stuck.  The more we know, the more we will be free from attachment.  There are two kinds of knowing:  to know unknowingly and to know with knowing.  If we know with knowing, we won’t get stuck.  But if we know unknowingly we will get stuck.  So the Buddha said just know but do not attach, do not get deluded and do not be proud of that knowing.  If we know in this way, the more we know the more we will feel comfortable.  The more we know the less we will have doubt.  And at last, we will have no doubt at all.

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Isaque Silva said...
Hello. My question simple,paret of Nibbana state, phisiologicaly one gain controll in stoping spermatozoa production, and only reactivates production, if only for procreation purpose? In sanscript, Urdhvadeta, is the objective of Brahmachary, that is clearly way to Nibbana. Please can you Great Ajahn gide my self?
October 26, 2016 07:25:46
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